Gordon’s Bay has some of the best restaurants, serving up everything from delicious fresh seafood to tender steaks. It goes without saying that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to seafood in Gordon’s Bay, but here we’ve compiled a list of not only seafood restaurants but also some yummy traditional grill places and coffee houses.

Check out some of the must-visit restaurants in Gordon’s Bay:

1. The Thirsty Oyster Tavern


The Thirsty Oyster is an extremely well-known restaurant in Gordon’s Bay. Not only do they serve scrumptious and fresh seafood, but they also offer a wide variety of grills, salads, platters and yummy desserts. Don’t believe us? Just ask any of their regulars. People come from far and wide to dine here and with good reason!



021 856 4457

2. Ooskus Fisheries


Ooskus is known as the family favorite fishery of Gordon’s Bay residents. Pop in and you’ll understand why. Enjoy anything on their flavorful fresh fish menu. You’ll be spoiled for choice here at the best prices. They also sell frozen seafood so you can enjoy it at home! Ooskus has some amazing weekly specials on the go including two fish or calamari burgers on Mondays for just R69, Pensioner’s Day on Tuesday with 10% off, 15% off their Ooskus Special on Wednesdays, and 15% off their Family Platter Special on Thursdays.


021 856 1625

3. Talla’s Tavern


Talla’s is known for being a great seafood steakhouse and, of course, for that giant mural on the wall! They also offer a great breakfast menu that includes glorious tramezzinis. As tempting as it may be, please do not stuff yourself on their amazing starters because no matter what you order from their wide variety menu, it’ll be huge, and you’ll need your whole appetite to conquer your meal!




021 856 3513

4. Trawlers


As mentioned on their website, Trawlers is a rustic landmark seafood eatery in Gordon’s Bay! Ensure that Trawlers is on your list if you’re a seafood lover as you most definitely won’t be disappointed. Enjoy the ambiance of their adorably colorful restaurant.



021 856 2790


5. Zest Restaurant


“Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine with a Twist” – this is how Zest Restaurant describes themselves. If you’re into more of a fine-dining experience, Zest is the place to be! Zest is a uniquely amazing gem of Gordon’s Bay and is definitely an experience you wouldn’t often come across.



021 200 2605

6. Mary-Ann’s Natural Emporium


Vegan or vegetarian? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Mary-Ann’s is a trusted brand that not only has a restaurant where you can enjoy wholesome, home-cooked and nutritious meals but they also have their health store where you can purchase pre-cooked meals and enjoy them at home. For the month of January (Veganuary), Mary-Anns is offering three healthy meals a day for 28 days at a discounted rate with free delivery.



021 856 2500

7. On The Go


On the Go has a wide variety of dishes on their menu! Good luck deciding from an array of beverages because everything is so enticing. Their coffee art is so beautiful you almost won’t want to drink it. They also offer freshly baked cake every day and owner Susanne bakes German rolls daily with a variety of fillings. Accompany this with either amazing coffee or freshly pressed juice and you just can’t go wrong. You can also have amazing sundowners on their patio with a delectable cheese or meat board! Oh, and did we mention they’re pet friendly? So, give them a visit after taking your furry friends for a walk on the beach.



060 817 9816

8. The Waffle Café


Sweet and savory waffles and pancakes, freshly baked cakes, coolers, and yummy milkshakes! You can get all of this at The Waffle Café situated on the beachfront – a perfect place to relax after a day on the beach.




9. Locals Pub and Grill


Locals is always packed with friendly faces. Should you visit more than once, you’re guaranteed to see familiar faces as it’s a beloved pub in Gordon’s Bay. Enjoy a meal, the company, and live entertainment at Locals! Locals currently have an amazing Wednesday burger special where you can get a delicious burger for just R35. This is also available for takeaway.


087 049 5034

10. Gordon’s Bay Coffee Café


Last but most certainly not least, we have Gordon’s Bay Coffee Café. This is an amazing café situated in Gordon’s Bay Mall. Coffee enthusiasts, you’ll be spoiled over here. This is a certified strictly Halaal café. Enjoy their all-day breakfast here or their very yummy all-day lunch. Their menu has so much to offer! Once again, this is a place where you’ll find lots of regulars. The staff, and customers alike, are extremely friendly and you’ll always receive the best service. They’re also on The Entertainer App where you can get various promotional deals. One more thing, if you celebrate your birthday with Gordon’s Bay Coffee Café, your meal is on them, how awesome is that?



084 952 6654

This is only a very short list of the amazing restaurants that Gordon’s Bay has to offer but keep your eyes open when visiting as we have so many more hidden gems in our little town!